Certified high quality fabrics


“The experience that I have acquired during long ages of hard work, allows me to choose the best fabrics existing on the market.” 

In our tailor’s shop the moment in which the customer chooses the fabric involves not only sensorial but also technical aspects; it is a pleasure for the customer touch with his hands the different types of fabric, understand the softness and imagine the wearability, choose the colours, the weave and detect that feel of pleasure that he will have wearing that fabric.

It is also an important technical moment because the chosen fabric will have to guarantee the structure of the suit but also its perspiring and creasing resistant characteristics among the others.

Wool, Mohair, Cashmere, Alpaca Wool, Vicuña, Lotus flower… rare and precious raw materials that we advise to our customers and that we use to create the garments for them.


"We have a wide range of over 500 types of tailoring fabric which arrive directly from the best producers in the world"